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The Goddess Of The Forest

Anvi Earth comes to you from Kerala, a tropical paradise in the south of India.

Tucked away beyond Kerala’s idyllic beaches and labyrinthine backwaters are numerous sacred groves, cared for by local communities for millennia. In these fragments of primal forests, the spirit of Anvi, mythological goddess of the forest, wanders unfettered. She treads softly in these untouched enclaves, seldom seen but occasionally betrayed by the little bells on her anklets.

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We deliver to more than 24,000 pincodes across India

100% Organic

Organic certification by leading global agencies USDA and India Organic

Multiple Uses

Excellent for hair, skin, weight loss and baby massage

Health Benefits

Beneficial for heart, boosts immunity, supports healthy gut

Best Selling Products

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100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

At Anvi Earth, the coconuts are handpicked from the beautiful groves of Kerala that have been Certified Organic by the Goverment of India. The coconuts are then checked for quality and only the finest, most premium ones

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Centrifuge Extracted & Cold Pressed

The extra virgin coconut oil at Anvi Earth is extracted using the fresh pressings of coconut milk with minimal processing techniques and no heat or chemical solvents. The result is a smooth, crystal clear oil that will nourish you from the inside out.

Super Food

Superfood with Lauric Acid & Vitamin E

Centrifuged extra virgin coconut oil is the only process that retains Vitamin E and has a high source of Lauric Acid. Anvi Earth's coconut oil is a versatile superfood as it contains healthy antioxidants, vital nutrients and disease-fighting fatty acids.

Customers Reviews

I keep buying Anvi Earth products again and again. It's creamy, aromatic and thick - just how an authentic, pure, organic extra virgin coconut oil should be. The plus point is that it's from luscious Kerala coconut farms. My hair is shinier and softer than ever before. All thanks to Anvi Earth for making such a great product ❤
Anvi Earth extra virgin coconut oil has been a boon for my skin problems and is an awesome product for skin rejuvenation as it is 100% organic. I consume 30 ml of oil on empty stomach before my daily workouts & also use it as a salad dressing. The eye appeal and the taste is beyond words. I wish great success to Anvi Earth team.
P.G. Nandakumar
Petrochemical Engineer
I use Anvi Earth products for oil pulling first thing in the morning. This helps start my day on a healthy note. As a digital strategist for a fintech company, I have long work hours that make my skin dry. I use Anvi Earth extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser that has not only made my skin supple but also improved its texture.
Lakshmi Thampi
Digital Strategist
USDA Organic
India Organic
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