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We Are Your Favourite Organic Brand.

Informed by centuries of carefully guarded traditions, Anvi Earth brings to you a range of products made using raw materials sourced ethically from across the world. Anvi creates luxury products for the discerning, using only the finest handpicked ingredients, combining ancient wisdom with modern techniques. Each of our products honours the pristine goddess of the forest, by carefully preserving the natural goodness of her bounty. And by following fair trade practices we also give back to the people who have protected her through the ages.

Anvi Earth About
Anvi Earth's extra virgin coconut oil has become a part of daily life for me and my family. I have found it good for health and contains a lot of medicinal properties. It keeps me healthy all through the day and it truly is a miracle potion.
Karanveer Salla
Police Officer

Inspired By

The Goddess of the Forest

Anvi comes to you from Kerala, a tropical paradise in the south of India.

Tucked away beyond Kerala’s idyllic beaches and labyrinthine backwaters are numerous sacred groves, cared for by local communities for millennia. In these fragments of primal forests, the spirit of Anvi, mythological goddess of the forest, wanders unfettered. She treads softly in these untouched enclaves, seldom seen but occasionally betrayed by the little bells on her anklets.

Come, join Anvi in the journey towards good health and conscious living.

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